Regional Nordic Food
by Malling & Schmidt


 At Malling og Schmidt we strive to reflect the moods, the variation of the light and flavours of our land, on the dishes that we serve, giving our guest an intimate culinary view of our region, Jutland.

Modern and traditional techniques, experience and jutlandic produces are Malling & Schmidt tools to tell the land.

Our Kitchen philosophy is evolving around the elements populating and shaping our terroir.

We like to deem our restaurant as a tool which describes our surrounding land: marking the outlines of the landscapes, combining the flavours found amongst the elements… platforms of our thoughts… the woods, the earth, the lakes, the ponds, the sea, the islands, the smoke, the fire, the air, the soil, the grains, the plants, the herbs, the scents, all blended and intertwined, portraying the moods of the seasons.

What we believe at Malling & Schmidt is the communication is a form of interaction amongst humans, food is a tool that facilitate this process, while unpretentious service emphasise the experience.


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