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At Thorsten's talks and public speaking you get an insight into his twisted and structured world.

You will be inspired to look at the world and your daily challenges in a whole new way.

Maybe you are already skilled in the kitchen, a skilled executive or something entirely different.

Thorsten speaks to all and are tailored the specific target audience.

Thorsten's talks consists of the five below-mentioned main elements tailored to each specific target group and the specific audience. 

No one is too small and no one is too big. The talks can be held by subject or combined if the recipient and the audience is interested in this.

Thorsten Schmidt has held major European talks with ESA (European Space Agency), where he talks about being the ONLY chef in the world who has served gourmet food in space. See Thorstens TEDxESA talk on YouTube.

Thorsten speaks Danish, English and German.

Contact us and together we will find just the right mix for your target group and the audience.

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As the only chef in the world, Thorsten Schmidt has developed a gourmet meal for ESA (European Space Agency). The Danish astronaut Andreas Mogensen could serve Danish gourmet cuisine to his colleagues at the Space Station ISS. Possibly the most expensive takeaway in the universe.

During this talk Thorsten describes the process he underwent in order to develop Space Food.

What challenges did he face?

How do you even eat in space?

How do you taste in space?

How do you give a great taste experience while in space?

And how do you produce sustainable gourmet food with a long durability?

Thorsten goes even further and perspectivates on one of the hottest topics in space:

"From surviving in space to living in space."

He raises the question of how you approach such a versatile and extensive assignment.




During this talk Thorsten Schmidt will discuss sustainability. Importance, economy, courage and how an increased focus on sustainability can force new creative approaches to methods and ingredients.

Space Food is sustainability in its purest form, so Thorsten also goes through the processes of developing the gourmet meal for astronaut Andreas Mogensen and his colleagues at the space station ISS.

Sustainability is about removing the word waste from the dictionary. To create added value - financially and humanly - using everything, reuse and enter into interdisciplinary collaborations where your waste is their gold. Thorsten is actively extroverted when it comes to entering new interdisciplinary collaborations. He is not constrained by the traditional, but he is developed by the unconventional.

Thorsten advocates using technology and being technologically curious.

What's already there?

How can it enrich, expand and develop your work and your life?

He urges to meet with geeks in other areas, who can enrich you and expand your mindset.

Thorsten believes that sustainability boils down to courage and common sense. He provokes and pushes the boundaries. He also believes that many people are too afraid to focus on sustainability. They think it is cumbersome and expensive. They exhibit ignorance, a lack of curiosity and are not actively seeking other interdisciplinary areas.

In this talk, Thorsten will provoke you into focusing on sustainability - reaping in the resulting creativity and magic.




During this talk, Thorsten Schmidt explains the thinking behind regional cuisine. How to dig deep in the regional heritage - and perhaps rediscover old prides.

How will you contribute?

Which forgotten ingredients and what older cooking methods may be rediscovered - and used in new ways?

Which mechanisms can create new trends within gastronomy?

Which ingredients and techniques we can be applied again and why?

Can we predict the trends of tomorrow and in which direction are we going?

How does the new trends complement our existing knowledge in the best way?




When Thorsten Schmidt cooks and creates, it speaks to more than the sense of taste. He employs all the senses, when he develops new dishes. And in this talk, he describes all the ideas behind this.

How does this affect the guest's overall experience?

What thoughts and techniques are used when developing dishes to the sensory kitchen?

How do we cook, so that it speaks to more than the sense of taste?

How do you rein in the creative process in the kitchen?

And how can the design follow the experience through to completion?




Thorsten Schmidt is dubbed the Nordic Alchemist, because he combines his interest in gastronomy with his interests of chemistry, physics and history.

Thorsten is a nerd - and it also reflects his approach towards gastronomy.

His great interest in science is exactly why he explores, challenges and develops in the kitchen. Every time.

In this talk, Thorsten discuss food as a science. Including food chemistry, food science, human nutrition and gastro physics.

A science where good taste, well being and future innovative technological solutions are united.

Thorsten highlights knowledge, that makes sustainability into common sense - while still creating healthy and tasty gastronomic solutions.

This is the thinking that manifests into "Gastro Science & Technology".

"Gastro Science & Technology will make gastronomic science useful in our daily lives."


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