Malling & Schmidt

Thorsten's philosophy

Regional Cuisine

Thorsten Schmidt's creative cuisine reflects moods, the light and the taste of the regions. His focus is on sustainability and creativity. And so he gives his guests the most intimate and interesting culinary experiences from their own region. One thing with Thorsten, he always surprises.

Traditional and non-traditional techniques, experience and regional ingredients are all in Thorsten's toolkit in order to provide the most unique culinary tale of the region.

The focal point of Thorsten's philosophy is the geography, the nature and the culture that combined make up the regional terroir.

Thorsten Schmidt's kitchen is like a device, that describes the encircling region: the landscape and the nature combined with physical and imagined flavors. Forest, soil, lake, ocean, island, smoke, fire, air, earth, grain, herbs, scents - all wowen together in creativity, so they portray the mood of the season.

Thorsten believes that communication is the interaction between people and that the dining experience is a tool that facilitates this process and brings people together in creating memories.