Malling & Schmidt

About Rikke Malling

Rikke Malling is the owner and designer behind MALLING LIVING, but she also has a background as restaurant owner. In 2005, she and her husband, Thorsten Schmidt, opened the gourmet restaurant, Malling & Schmidt, which they ran for a decade. In 2007, they expanded and opened their second restaurant, Nordisk Spisehus.

Coming from a family of architects, Rikke Malling has always had a great fondness of interior design, and since the opening of the two restaurants, she has styled, designed and produced most of the interior of the restaurants to ensure that the overall expression was exactly like she wanted. It was this drive and passion that led to the foundation of MALLING LIVING in 2013.


MALLING LIVING is an interior design company based near Aarhus, Denmark. A sincere passion for timeless and durable design in high quality was the cornerstones in the foundation of MALLING LIVING back in 2013.

We find inspiration in graphic lines, classic design, and Nordic-inspired interior. We create high quality furniture and accessories that fit effortlessly into any home and interior style – and both private and public environments. Our aim is for each product to carry a host of applications and that they should be able to tolerate excessive use – an aim that stems from MALLING LIVING’s roots in the hospitality industry, in which the use of durable materials is paramount.  

Today, MALLING LIVING has retailers all over Europe as well as its own webshop.