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About Thorsten Schmidt

Thorsten Schmidt is a rebellious chef whose kitchen is always experimental and unpredictable. His curiosity and innovative thinking means he continuously breaks the rules of what is possible - and that his creative cuisine speaks to all the senses.

Thorsten is dubbed the Nordic Alchemist. Because he is eager to explore, develop and challenge the Nordic Kitchen. His philosophy is rooted in regional and sustainable ingredients that inspire to create memorable moments and evoke strong emotions with the recipient. It's all about new discoveries and Thorsten is a modern explorer.

Although Thorsten is a pioneer in the New Nordic Kitchen, it is his studies in Bremen, Germany, and even more so in France, that has greatly influenced his understanding of "le terroir". Thorsten discovered that great cooking and culinary art is about the knowledge of nature and those who live there: plants, animals or minerals - and then to use this information and create something innovative and unique.

Thorsten's kitchen does not only produce culinary artistry and great culinary experiences, it is also a laboratory where he researches and develops new methods and creations. 

Thorsten is always working in the borderland of what others regard as possible. This is where the magic happens.

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